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Art Direction

I start the Art Direction process instinctively during a clients initial consultation. There are so many area’s in design where this skill is used that they are just too long to name. I consider this a part of my design process and I count it as part of my hourly rate. There are some circumstances where many hours are spent planning a project, coming up with innovative ways to improve upon someones business or researching. Although I offer a free consultation, at a certain point this becomes work and should be paid for.

I have one goal. That is to take your idea’s and enhance them. It is my favorite part of the design process. So when you call me for a consultation, tell me about your long term goals and anything you think that may be pertinent to the success of your project. The more I know, the more I can form successful strategies which can save you money and help me to hit your deadline.

If you are a new business or are just updating your current look, you may want to read my section on Logo’s and Branding. This is where I explain my thinking behind many of the strategies I use when taking on projects.

Graphic Design

Out of all of the five senses possessed by a human being, visual perception is obviously the most crucial one.  Scientists claim that our first impressions are based off  the first 7 seconds of viewing something, this is why my tagline is “Image is Everything”.

I specialize in accessing your project and then designing what you need to meet a high quality standard for the genre of art or business that you are targeting. Great graphic design is the use of a mixture of clever typography combined with appropriate photos to instantly send the message you want your viewer to perceive. It is truly an art, one that I have studied, practiced and successfully delivered for over 13 years.

So… what ever your project may be, please take the time to tell me all about what message you want to get across to your audience. Your communication with me is key to the success of your project. Initial emails are great, but from my experience, an in-depth phone consultation or meeting me in person is much more productive and allows me to ask the questions I need answered in order to fulfill your needs. If I don’t answer the phone, please leave a message and I will always call back within 24 hours. (310-403-8637)

Web Design

First Impressions are everything. Today’s consumer expects incredible looking websites that are as functional as they are beautiful to look at. I take great pride in the process of designing and implementing a website that you will be excited and proud to represent you or your company.

The most recent trend is to design a website that works not only on a computer, but on tablets and cell phones as well. Its called Responsive Design which I have been studying feverishly as it is always advancing into having new and exciting capabilities . In fact, tech news states that more tablets will be sold in the year 2014 then desktops and the term “Web Design” is changing to “Screen Design”. Luckily we have CSS standard compliance. This is the code that styles the websites along with html which structures them. CSS Standard Compliance has striven to make all of the different browsers react the same to the code that is behind the scenes of your website so you get close to the same results no matter what browser you use. They have done wonders working with browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari,  just to name a few although Window’s Explorer is further behind then most but there are fixes for this.

This is why designing a custom website’s costs have risen. I offer this service and can design any look you can dream up and can solely design some of these designs by myself, but on others I may need to bring in my programmer if the project is above my technical programming skills. I have many connections with brilliant programmers so no project is to large or complicated, and in order to save you money, I take over the design of the front end and choose the technologies that would best enhance the users experience, then I art direct  the rest of the team to ensure that the results I am seeking are delivered.

Some times its easier and more affordable to choose a pre-designed template. The templates that are being created in WordPress and Joomla already have the code to work with Responsive Design and have been tested on browsers. If you want to read more about this, please go to this link and read about CMS Template Manipulation

To view a complete list of my services go to my Services Page

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Lindsay Taitel

Dyana is an excellent Marketing Professional and Art Director. She always goes the extra mile to make sure whatever it is she is designing is exactly on mark, whether it’s a banner ad, tradeshow booth, or a simple Facebook cover photo. Highly recommend!

Lindsay TaitelPartner Alliance Manager at Presidiohttp://
Jennifer Allen

I hired Dyana to design custom designs for my denim line of clothing. She not only proved that she held the skills needed to create the graphics required, she also proved that she held superior create abilities and superseded my expectations. I have hired her numerous times and will continue to do so.

Jennifer AllenExecutive Assistant at Laffer & Gottlieb
Naomi Trevelyan

As a new, start up company I acquired Dyana’s services to help establish my brand, SophistEco” as well as having her design future marketing campaigns that have consisted of billboard ads, in-store signage and an exhibit booth design. Her work has given me an exciting and stylish path for my company’s direction. I am looking forward to launching my campaign,

Naomi TrevelyanSophisteco
Michael Augello

Dyana is very easy to work with. Her input has been invaluable.

Michael AugelloProducer at Committed77 Media

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